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Your daily operations depend on your data. Never miss a beat with continuous offline data collection.

Passport provides a data collection application for mobile employees on planned routes. Whether online or offline, capture detailed data such as employee breaks, customer visits, and activities, and enforce route and labor compliance requirements, for an improved route performance.

This solution enables you to charge time to routes and stops and track detailed production information such as job status and time stats. More than just data collection, it automates real time information exchange between dispatch and drivers. Employees capture valid results against current jobs and work orders, and you gain timely insight into your routes.

Features of route data collection:

Enhanced usability - simple screens & intuitive operation; ability to create work orders on the fly.
Route compliance enforcement - Route sequence compliance is enforced; pre trip and post trip inspections streamline communication; drivers have the ability to manage their meal breaks with precision; attestations satisfy state labor requirements.
Customer geo-fence recognition, even when offline - both customers and managers can be alerted about arrival delays; update incorrect geo-fence with actual location.
Flexible data capture and custom forms - forms are configured to your workflow, to capture exact data you need.
Task Self-Scheduling - Drivers can select their own work from a map based on their current location and job availability, enhanced with peer to peer in-app communication.
Create customer surveys - Quickly and easily set up surveys for drivers to complete to gain more customer info; add promo items to work orders for upsell opportunities.
Seamless communication & integration- Send alerts, photos and notes to managers, dispatch or customers; integrated with workforce management systems to ensure business rules are applied consistently.

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